Amphawa ✿ Floating Market

★ T-shirt shop with little cute doll (*^-^*) ★ All of t-shirts is cream color

Cute stuff which can decorate room, hang pictures and give the light ★★★

★★★ Little cute paper works ★★★

Beer with Amphawa t-shirt on (*^O^*) at floating market in the evening ★

★ Lemon juice in bamboo tube was decorated with nice orchid ^^

Grandmom and kid were talking about her handmade hat which she had just done (*^-^*) seems happy!!★

★ Cute firefly t-shirts are only 159 baht ★

★ Firefly dolls and Amphawa passports (◕〝◕) •.★*...

A giant river shrimp ★ maybe can't see how big is it because i almost ate all lol

Steamed mackerels!!! ^^ seems romantic to be together in little baskets. Amphawa's mackerels are famous in Thai because of big size and delicious taste.

Lollipops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡. (O ^ ~ ^ O)  

Thai desserts!!! They used nature colors from flowers and leaves made desserts. yummy!!!!^^

My favorite dessert that is made from yolk called "Kanom Morkaeng" yummy!!!(*^O^*) wanna eat it again ♡

The floating market in the evening (*^3^*) many people, many foods and many cute things "I love Thailand" thats all »-(¯`v´¯)-»

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