Happy Friday :)

Today i didn't have classes ✿ So i went out with Leena in the afternoon (*^O^*) I was going to buy the pink cardigan at Zara shop but awww sold out (*T^T*) so sad!!!!! Sooooo i and Leena just went to relax at the little park near the shopping mall ^^ We spent about 3 hrs talking, walking around, taking photos, taking cozy breeze and just chilling together ✿✿✿ The weather was pretty good with fresh wind...had a nice time today :)

** Have a nice weekend to everyone **



Back in Bangkok :)

Hey!!!! (O ^ ~ ^ O) I am already back in Bangkok. The planes was delayed about 1 hr :( Anyway i made it safe ^^ Yesterday after reached here i and Neam headed to the dental clinic for doing my wisdom teeth...o(≧v≦)o The dentist was nice to me like always but the surgery method was really scary..that made me cried a lot!!>< She spent about 1 more hour plucking one tooth..Really i was going to do all wisdom teeth but....it was too scary for me. My wisdom teeth are so weird though :( She said i would get so much pain today but everything was not bad like i thought :):):) Today was my first day to school. So i woke up early and went to school ^^ After that i went to the shopping mall with Beer and Bee <( ̄︶ ̄)/ All i could eat there is ice creammmmm ^^ didn't have to chew lol We ordered the same menu that was "Golden Basket" Bee and Beer didn't eat cherry so all were mine :P not good taste though. I enjoyed eating it and had a great time with lovely friends (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Chu!!!!


Eggs!! ★

Our most beautiful hen just got 5 eggs!!!! I love the way she takes care of her little eggs ★ Just can't wait to see her babies (*^o^*)

Hot Great Day ♪ ♬

The other day my Japanese friend (Kazusan^^)❤ came to Thai to see his beautiful girlfriend. I and him have been being friends about one more year..Thanks for Tokyo Banana!! Oishikatta YO. I and Bee showed him around. We went to two nice spots for seeing different Bangkok view. The first place was one of famous temples "Wat Aroon" Yeah!! We reached there safely by Tuk Tuk and boat (^_-)-☆

We spent the whole morning walking around and climbing up to the top of the temple. It was fun when getting up the stairs. But when we supposed to get down...just looked down my legs were shaking. The stairs were so steep lol Anyway the first view is really nice ^^

The weather was really hot like ever lol We stopped by the little coffee shop in the temple area (O ^ ~ ^ O) Just cooling down and getting ready to go to another place!! 

The second one we went to the tallest building in Bangkok "Baiyok Tower" for seeing city view. Had a great time with my sexy friend and Kazusan <( ̄︶ ̄)/ I love YOU!!! Thailand ❤❤❤



εїз Today i woke up later than ever cuz i had many dreams. I got up and didn't see anyone. They all went out for work and school. So i spent my time playing with my little bunny. Really i wanted to take some pics with the chicken but awww they ran so fast and i couldn't catch them o(≧v≦)o I have been chasing them till got so much sweat lol The weather is hot today. I went picking my bro up at his school by motor bike lol I made it safe and also have to do this mission tomorrow and maybe everyday before go back to study (^_-)-☆


Sweet home (*^-^*)

I am on vacation now (◡‿◡✿) Nothing much to do here at my country home. I am just happy to be with my family, happy to see the things around, happy to breathe fresh air, happy to spend time relaxing and happy to stay at HOME ❤
It's rainy season now in Thailand so the weather is good and the plants are ready to grow!! We grow some flowers, fruits and veggies ✿ We pet some cute animals too ^^ Check it out (^_-)-☆

Beautiful orchid ✿✿✿ It takes quite long time to give us the flower. Oh gosh i am lucky to see it. Welcome me back home :P

This one is only a dead coconut tree. My dad put 3 little plants on the base of the dead tree. They will grow beautifully later <( ̄︶ ̄)/

Little lemon trees (*^O^*)

Jackfruit, Dragon fruit and Papaya ^^

Red chillies ..•.¸¸.ஐ

We have 3 dogs but other ones forgot me already lol They was barking and trying to be mean to me :( So i love only dog now!!! He is little dirty anyway ( ̄▽ ̄)~* hehe He was trying to rape my leg today. Its time to find him cute girlfriend right? (^_-)-☆

My rabbits got new 3 kids so their family became 5 now ^^ Their kids became quite big...So pity i couldn't see when they were baby rabbits (≧▽≦) They would be so cute!!!

The duck family and my dad's new pets Σ( ° △ °|||) I was shocked when i saw them. They are one kind of chickens maybe...Our monkey has just died so my dad bought them to pet instead. Anyway they can get along with other old chickens ^^

The last one for today is our birds ❁ They always make loud noise in the early morning with the chickens but can't wake me up lol