Amphawa ✿ Floating Market

★ T-shirt shop with little cute doll (*^-^*) ★ All of t-shirts is cream color

Cute stuff which can decorate room, hang pictures and give the light ★★★

★★★ Little cute paper works ★★★

Beer with Amphawa t-shirt on (*^O^*) at floating market in the evening ★

★ Lemon juice in bamboo tube was decorated with nice orchid ^^

Grandmom and kid were talking about her handmade hat which she had just done (*^-^*) seems happy!!★

★ Cute firefly t-shirts are only 159 baht ★

★ Firefly dolls and Amphawa passports (◕〝◕) •.★*...

A giant river shrimp ★ maybe can't see how big is it because i almost ate all lol

Steamed mackerels!!! ^^ seems romantic to be together in little baskets. Amphawa's mackerels are famous in Thai because of big size and delicious taste.

Lollipops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡. (O ^ ~ ^ O)  

Thai desserts!!! They used nature colors from flowers and leaves made desserts. yummy!!!!^^

My favorite dessert that is made from yolk called "Kanom Morkaeng" yummy!!!(*^O^*) wanna eat it again ♡

The floating market in the evening (*^3^*) many people, many foods and many cute things "I love Thailand" thats all »-(¯`v´¯)-»


Amphawa ✿ Bangkung Temple

❀ Bangkung temple is one of Unseen Thailand places. It's so famous because this temple is covered by 4 big trees (Pho,Sai,Grai and Grang) (*^-^*) I saw it on internet before went to Amphawa and really wanted to see it in person!!! and WOW It's sooooooooo awesome and amazing. There is the beautiful big Buddha statue called "Nilmanee" there. The air in the temple is so fresh and cool ஐ ≈

❀ There is a little zoo there (*^O^*)!!! We can buy morning glory and give to every animals lol ❀

❀ In the past this temple was a big camp for fighting with enemies. There are Thai style fighting (Muaythai) statues near the temple.ஐ ≈

Amphawa ✿ Thongkung Temple

❤‧:❉: Thongkung temple is one of famous temples because there is the biggest Buddha statue in Amphawa (⌒ε⌒*) This temple is about 200 years old. We can see it clearly from the opposite side of river. Moreover There are twin rubber trees in front of the temple.That's great <( ̄︶ ̄)/ ❤‧:❉:

Amphawa ✿ Pumarinkutitong Temple

There were many plumeria flowers fell under the trees so I picked one and took a pic (*^-^*) I like its smell ✿✿✿

A cute white cat ❤ (⌒ε⌒*) luckily he didn't bite me ❤❤❤

He was sitting or sleeping lol Anyway he let me took a pic easily ❤❤❤ good boy <( ̄︶ ̄)>

There were only black and white cats there ( ̄▽ ̄)╭♡ I also have a cat at my home...She is orange and white. We named her Garfield ^^

Yeah!!!!!!!!! We were so happy but tried from jumping many times until got the pic which everyone was jumping ( ̄ε(# ̄)

These monk's houses are made of gold teakwood.We always see them on TV drama in Thai (*^O^*) really beautiful ✿✿✿

People were praying for something and then sticked some gold leaves on statues of Buddha ✿*

(¯`°.•°•.★* They were covered with gold leaves *★ .•°•.°´¯)

Gold statues of Buddha in the Buddhist sanctuary (◕〝◕) •.★*...

I put 2 fish in the river and set them free ❤ Hope they will be happy to swim in the wide river ❤ (O ^ ~ ^ O)  

Amphawa ✿ Julamanee Temple

Thai girl statue was made of stone ✿ We wore these kind of cloths in the past.

The bones of Buddha are kept in the glass casket...✿✿✿

In the temple (*^-^*) ✿ The mural is really beautiful.I love it.✿

✿ The body of a famous monk is in the glass coffin (same as the temple at Lopburi i went before) It's so fantastic because his hair and nails have been still growing everyday.We couldn't touch or stick gold leaves on him 。◕‿◕。

The cute monk statues (*^-^*) Everyone who went there took pics of them. I saw them on internet and looked forward to seeing them in person ^^ They are really cute especially a little monk ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

A beautiful naga fireball statue with cute egrets and flowers in a little pond ♬ ♪

Outside the temple ☀☂☁ The weather was pretty good and the floor was wet because of rain from the night before.

I don't know what is it...Maybe it's a new temple or very old one where we could see clearly from the boat ..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

Amphawa ✿ Morning

◕‿-。 ☀☂☁ In the morning there were many monks from temples around here paddled boats to get foods. I and Beer woke up about 6 o’clock to give food offerings to monks. It’s one of Amphawa cultures that tourists should do. It was my first time to do that in the river….felt so good and happy ^^ We gave them foods, milk and water. After that I went to wake other friends up to have breakfast. ..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

Our breakfast was soft boiled rice with shrimps, Thai dessert, deep fried doughstick and hot cocoa. Yummy!!! We ate all of them <( ̄︶ ̄)/