Monday ^^

The weather is really nice today (*^-^*) I love it ❤ I woke up at 2.30 pm lol Beer has moved to my apartment while everyone is going to move out lol I was helping her for a while and then we went for the first meal at 5 pm!! >.<


Steamboat :D

Today i was so tired and had the really long day!!!o(≧o≦)o I had TOEIC test in the morning. I almost felt asleep while listening to the test lol but it was good I guess. I will go get the result tomorrow (*^-^*) After the exam I went to another place for an interview. I reached there early so I was just drinking mango passion juice and waiting at Stabucks!! Anyways after the boring time I went out for dinner with Pang and Beer :) Had a good time and got so much energy to play at night (^_-)-☆


Eat Ramen ❤ Help Japan

Hey!!! \(*^O^*)/ The weather was really really nice today in Thai!!! i love it so much >3<" only 18-19 c !!!❤ wish the weather could be great like this everyday!! i and my friends went eating ramen for helping Japanese people since they said all money that we paid for ramen will be sent to Japan :) There are almost 10 ramen restaurants there. We took little time to pick one and it was so good :D i do love pork and eggs :D We ordered the same ramen but different drink lol i drank water, Pang's was green tea and Chris drank pepsi. The dish was really big and i couldn't eat all :( My dad always taught me when i was little that if i am full just eat all meat lol so i ate all meat and egg and left the noodle :D Today was a really good day, nice weather, yummy ramen and happy me <( ̄︶ ̄)/

Here's some photos from today (O ^ ~ ^ O) ♡ 

I said "Chrisssss!! kiss him kiss him"
Chris said "No, you kiss and i will make jealous face"
That's it!!! hahahaha

Chris ❤
Hey!!! You have 6 packs on your forehead!! cool!!! hahaha

Pang ❤
She ate all of ramen and still wanted to eat crape!! :P

Me ❤
Chris didn't eat the egg so it became mine!! i ate 2 eggs today >w<

Our drink and some pics after dinner :)

We wrote something for Japanese (*^-^*) ✿


Toyota Museum ^^

The Toyota Automobile Museum was established to commemorate the history of the automobile and is dedicated to building a prosperous future for man and motorcar. Here is one of my favorite places in Aichi, Japan :D We has already studied so much about Toyota and its production system but i have never visited Toyota factory in Thai. This time we got a chance to visit both Toyota factory and Toyota museum :D It is really great Japanese company (*^-^*) We couldn't take any photos in the factory. Their factory is so cool though!!!! i do love robots and many stuff there ^^ The one thing that really different from Thai's factories is "the workers" Japanese are cute, strong, polite and nice!!! The workers in Thai are in the opposite way for sure T^T really scary and be imported from neighbor countries so most of them can't speak Thai well >w< Anyways i got many photos from the museum!! And i would have to say that it is the best museum i have ever seen ☺ ☻