Suay's birthday ^^

Today is my friend's birthday (*^O^*) So last night we surprised her with micky mouse cake ^^ Everyone was in pajamas or still in school uniform :P not beautiful pics and faces lol It was so funny last night cuz my friend already slept when we knocked her room and yeah she was really surprised ^^ We all turned to 22 years old this year!! :)) Had a great time and the cake was yummy (*^3^*)


Loy Kratong ❀ Kids'school

Loy Kratong is one of my favorite festivals in Thai and i really like the big full moon ^^ This year the Loy Kratong day is tomorrow but its holiday so yesterday my kids' school had the Loy Kratong festival ^^ We had the Thai dancing together in the morning and made the Kratong later. The kids were so happy and excited to dress up and make their Kratong (*^-^*) I was also happy to be with them ❀


Curry rice :))

Yesterday i went to the shopping mall with Pang after met the dentist ^^ We had Japanese food for dinner!!!(*^O^*) made me missed Japan again. I ate curry rice that i never had it for a really long time!! Really!! I don't like it but yesterday i felt like i wanted to eat lol and won't eat it for a long time again :P It was good and i was so full ^^ Anyway when i was in Japan i never had any curry stuff. My Japanese friends said CURRY is so yummy!!! but no i didn't eat (*^-^*) *** Tomorrow i will get braces on my teeth!!!!! So excited ^^


(O ^ ~ ^ O) Friday ❤ 

Happy Hooray It's Friday !!!!!!! I have no classes today :)) Really I have classes only 3 days a week...Sunday, Monday and Wednesday...^^ Have too much free timeeeee but its GREAT!!!❤❤❤ Maybe I should find something to do and Yeah!!!! Next week i will start my little job with my friend Pang (*^-^*) Can't wait :))


We ❤ Sukishi

Yesterday after finished Japanese class we went to the shopping mall for having Japanese foods :)) Had a great time like always!!!! We ❤ Sukishiiiiii lol