Rio & Beer

Today I watched "Rio" movieeeee with Aom!!! Love it so much!!! It was really really cute and made me smile all the time in the cinema ^_______^ Anyways thank you my lovely friend "Bee" to give me free tickets :D After the movie we went to the nice place to drink some beer. I love that place because of good weather, beautiful decoration and polite waiters. Had a nice timeeeeeee and can't sleep till 7 am!!


Beautiful China ☺

Someone wanted me to write about him ☺ The photos that he sent me are so beautiful and since I am kind so yeah this post is for Mr.Chris Waters :D Chris has been in China for awhile with his friend David. They have gone to many places already. I can't remember though lol I do love the mountains and rivers :) I was not interested in China before although my grandpa is Chinese but these photos made me wanna visit there sometime :)

Messages to Chris!! ☺
① The big big wall looks so long. You must be really tired to walk cuz you are not young already :P The red flag is nice :)
② You look like real monkey in that silly mask :P You are Tingtong!! Devid too!!
③ The big dog is awesome!! :D and those people look kind like you said :)
④ Those natural photos...mountains and rivers look like Vietnam. Thats why i wanna go to Vietnam :)
⑤ Don't forget my cute cute thing from China!! You are jai dee mak mak XD

The end!!! \(*^-^*)/

Sunday with Pang :3

The weather was so humid today and finally it was rain when i was on my way back home!!! o(≧o≦)o I went to see my lovely friend "Pang" since today was her holiday :D I haven't met her for like 2 weeks!! We ate tonkatsu for dinner ate pork roll with cheese, big shrimps, some rice, mashed potato, miso soup, salad and ice tea ^^ Have a nice time with Pang like always!! Don't need to say much cuz she knows how much I love her ♥ jubu jubu ^3^


Bow Kade Aom :3

Today I went to the dentist for changing the braces and met up with 2 friends Bow and Aom :3 We ate sukiyaki at MK restaurant and some ice with fruits at Ice Monster!! Yummy & Happy (*^-^*) ❤



Just posting to tell that i am missing my lovely brother :)


bye byeeee ❤

I am going back to my hometown tomorrow morning (*^-^*) ❤