Captain America

Yesterday i needed to work so i had only 1 day off this weekend : ( Today i got up so early, washed some cloths and cleaned my room in the morning. Anyways my Sunday was super perfect because of Rin. He came pick me up to have lunch and watch the movie (*^-^*) i don't know how to say thank you to him. He is just nice like always. He have been busy with his work and haven't slept like 28 hrs >___< He still drove from Bangkok to see me in Ayuttaya though!! His face looked really tired and ready to sleep all the time lol By the way we had steak for lunch and watched "Captain American" The movie was great!! : D

Thank you Rin for making my days beautiful (*^-^*) ♥


Transformers 3

Watching Transformers 3 at night made me so sleepy (*____*)


Flowers ✿

I got pinky flowers from lovely friend for my 23 years old birth day (*^-^*) I have just seen the flowers this morning !! Everyday I go working early so they are still sleeping...Today I woke up and saw these beautiful flowers !!! HAPPY ✿


Rin :3

Just the pictures of my lovely friend from Skype call. I snapped his pics and he doesn't even know that ✿ He is my really old friend (◕〝◕) Can't believe we have known each other since we were only 7 years old : ) studied at the same school in my hometown for 6 years, studied at the different school for 6 years and studied at the different university in Bangkok for 4 years : ) Can't believe we haven't seen each other over 10 years. Can't believe we haven't been talking over 15 years....but now he became the special part of my life ✿ (v_v) I have tons of words to talk about him but that is not important right now !!!! The important things are......he always makes me smile (*^-^*) and I am really HAPPY to have him in my life ❤

She is super cute ^3^


Beach ☺ ☻

I went to the beach where is not so far from my place with 2 friends (*^-^*) This beach is not as beautiful as the south ones but there are always lots people ☺ ☻ It's near Bangkok also...around 1 hr i guess ❤ I like to smell the fresh air and feel the wind...It makes me feel better when I have some sorrow and look at something big big like the sky or the ocean!! I feel like my sorrow is just only small : )


Wat Tha Ga Rong ^-^

Here is one of my favorite temples in Ayuttaya. Wat Tha Ga Rong is the old temple. The location is along the Chao Phraya River ^^" First of all i saw the ugly crows at the front of temple. When i got off from car, they stared at me and my friends ><" couldn't stand to scream out!! They are so dirty and just find the rubbish to eat.

Snapped some pic with little monk statues, gold rabbit and elephant : ) It was my first time to see the monks wearing glasses lol Anyways those glasses were bought by the traveler!! They just wanted to make the statues look cuter i guess (^_-)-☆

I didn't know why they put the little monk in the water ja O_o"

Inside the building ✿ I went there too late to get into all building but these ones are really nice also : ) And it was so pity that the toilet closed. Maybe it's humourous to say "The toilet here is really FAMOUS" They got prize "The best toilet in Thailand 2006"

Random pics outside around the temple : ) The rain was coming so we needed to homeeeee ❤


Yerbera ( T__T )

Awww finally my pinky yerbera already died ( T__T ) i bought it from the flower market in Ayuttaya...happy only 2 weeks and it is GONE o(>_<)o Anyways i know that i shouldn't grow the beautiful flowers if i don't have garden and handsome gardener for them lol Now i decided to grow cactus instead and they are growing well on my office desk (*^-^*)

my little room :3

Hello \(*^-^*)/ i miss my blog so badly but just have time to sit, find photos and write what i want to : D i have found that i have tons of photos already since i moved here : ) This post i just wanted to write about my little room. i always keep it clean so i can be happy after finish my work :3

Here is my Brownie ❤ i snuggle with him every night : ) He is just PERFECT bear!! keep me warm and make me have sweetdreams. i got him from one of my friends. Ahhh i love his eyelash lol

Little 7 lucky fish!! i bought them from Nagoya castle for about 1200 yen maybe : ) They are so cute but make me annoyed sometimes because they hide the remote control signal. i need to get up from my bed to change the channel or just move them out haha i still like them to stay there anyways : P

They like taking sunbath at the weekend (^_-)-☆

My pinky bed with Brownie and Milky (O ^ ~ ^ O)