my little room :3

Hello \(*^-^*)/ i miss my blog so badly but just have time to sit, find photos and write what i want to : D i have found that i have tons of photos already since i moved here : ) This post i just wanted to write about my little room. i always keep it clean so i can be happy after finish my work :3

Here is my Brownie ❤ i snuggle with him every night : ) He is just PERFECT bear!! keep me warm and make me have sweetdreams. i got him from one of my friends. Ahhh i love his eyelash lol

Little 7 lucky fish!! i bought them from Nagoya castle for about 1200 yen maybe : ) They are so cute but make me annoyed sometimes because they hide the remote control signal. i need to get up from my bed to change the channel or just move them out haha i still like them to stay there anyways : P

They like taking sunbath at the weekend (^_-)-☆

My pinky bed with Brownie and Milky (O ^ ~ ^ O)  

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