Wat Tha Ga Rong ^-^

Here is one of my favorite temples in Ayuttaya. Wat Tha Ga Rong is the old temple. The location is along the Chao Phraya River ^^" First of all i saw the ugly crows at the front of temple. When i got off from car, they stared at me and my friends ><" couldn't stand to scream out!! They are so dirty and just find the rubbish to eat.

Snapped some pic with little monk statues, gold rabbit and elephant : ) It was my first time to see the monks wearing glasses lol Anyways those glasses were bought by the traveler!! They just wanted to make the statues look cuter i guess (^_-)-☆

I didn't know why they put the little monk in the water ja O_o"

Inside the building ✿ I went there too late to get into all building but these ones are really nice also : ) And it was so pity that the toilet closed. Maybe it's humourous to say "The toilet here is really FAMOUS" They got prize "The best toilet in Thailand 2006"

Random pics outside around the temple : ) The rain was coming so we needed to homeeeee ❤

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