Work with smile on your face (^ _ ^)

Haaaa I feel like this week is very long. Today is just Wednesday ? I am always looking forward to meeting my boyfriend on weekend. We are far away but thank you him to come meet me every week (^ _ ^) That's my happiness !!


Okonomiyaki ^^

We made Okonomiyaki and ohhh it was yummy (^ - ^) I always love Japanese foods.


Hello Hello :3

Hello (^__^) I have already moved to another places both home and company. My life is pretty good and I am happy to start the new things.


Mon Jam, Chiang Mai ^^

Ohh really long time to get update here (^___^) but I am back. The first post of this year is about my holidays. I went to Chiang Mai (The north of Thailand) where the weather should be cold but not really. It was sunny and hot over there. Anyways, I have enjoyed playing with many kids on the mountain HaHaa. Hope everyone had the great new year holidays too !