Watermelon :D

I am bored and have no mood to do anything lol So i was going to post something on my blog and also didn't know what to write about lol I took my camera and went to Suay's room, took some photos and went back to write about it ^^ Well, Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits ^^ Today i and Suay went out for dinner together around our place so we took a bicycle. She rode and i sit like always. On the way back we saw watermelon's vendor and we bought big one for 80 baht (*^-^*)!! We cut it for 2 pieces. One is in my refrigerator and another one is in Suay's freeze XD


Happy Valentines ~*

I got a little cute doll "Milky" for Valentines (*^-^*) ❤ I like her eyes and the red heart that she is blowing ❤❤❤

The chocolate cake from my favorite bakery shop (O ^ ~ ^ O) ❤



Yesterday morning I got the red roses from my sweetie for Valentine's Day!!! ^^ Thank you so much!!! I am SO HAPPY and I love him VERY MUCH!!! (*^-^*) ✿✿✿


i ❤ u

Valentine's Day is coming soon ❤❤❤ I love red roses!!(O ^ ~ ^ O)  


Sawadee Chinese New Year ^^

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 (*^O^*)!!! This day was not so important to me because i was not at my home with my lovely family and i also had English speech exam :) I called to my daddy when i woke up to ask for the gift and money :D and then went to school for the exam. I talked about "Jack and the beanstalk" ^^ It was going well!!! After finished the exam i went meeting my friend Aom. We have been walking around and shopping about 4 hours. That was really tired and my legs hurt lol So we found some restaurant for our dinner!!! We didn't know what to eat so I said let's go to Sukishiiiiiiii XD We had many foods and i was so happy and full!! ^^ I had a beautiful day and....Me love you long timeeeee XD

Paint Ball (^_-)-☆

We work up so early in the morning and got ready to go paint ball. It was sooooo hot that day and we ran in the field about 20 mins per match. It was super fun although i got bruise from the game LOL It makes me laugh when i see my pics which i was behind the rubbers!! I just wonder why they didn't take the pics when i was shooting enemies, when i was running or when i was being brave!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)~* Anyways my team won yay!! XD I was so happy!!! HAHA

Happy Night ★~*

We had some party at night by the river |=^.^=| had some BBQ, drank beers, sang songs and talked about many many things. The weather was cold and windy. We could see many beautiful stars in the dark sky that was amazing lol because we can't see them much in Bangkok ★★★ We have stayed up until maybe 2 or 3 am. Then, went to bed and woke up early in the morning for paint ball!!!!! <( ̄︶ ̄)/


Happy Trip ✿ Nakornnayok

Last weekend i went to Nakornnayok with friends (*^o^*) It's not far from Bangkok. We took a big bus and reached there in 2 hrs. The place where we stayed is by the river so we could play in the water all the time. The water was so clean and the weather was really nice. I didn't play in the water because i was itchy o(≧o≦)o just stood on the rocks and took pictures XD We played many games and went rafting. It was so fun and we had a really good time together!! I LOVE my friends (O ^ ~ ^ O) ❤❤❤