My lovely friend A❤m~*

The other days I hung out with my lovely friend "Aom" ^^ It has been so long time i never met her (about 1-2 years) We just went to the shopping mall for lunch and walking around to see colorful stuff for Christmas :))) ahhh and watched Thai comedy movie also (O ^ ~ ^ O) She is my high school friend and our mommies are close friends XD We talked so much about the stories when we were in high school :P It made me think about it and really really miss that happy time ( ̄ε(# ̄) It was fun just studying and playing with friends in school ^^ Many people said "That time is the most happiest time in life" and i absolutely agree XD


✿ Happy father's day ✿

Today is father's day in Thai (^_-)-☆ 5th December is also the king's birth day so we have the big celebration. I can see many fireworks in the sky and 600 boats in the river on TV. I want to see that celebration in person but there will be about million people over there ><" Anyway I want to hug and kiss my dad but he is so far away. He lives in my hometown with my mommy and my brother. We don't meet each other often but he calls to me almost every day. This year I wrote card and sent to my daddy like every year ^^ I chose the cute bear card for my daddy and wrote it last night with the little tear lol I always cry when write something to my parents lol I am happy to be my dad's daughter and I am happy to be Thai (*^3^*)

I love my daddy with all of my heart (❤.❤) and I love the king with all of my life!!!!

Most people go out with their families today and some people go seeing the king's celebration so the traffic is really bad >///< I and my friends went to the shopping mall for lunch and snapped some pics with dolls and little chrismas tree (⌒ε⌒*) Happy father's day!!!!!!!

◤Body Slam concert◢

I went to Body Slam's concert with P'Ib and Fai and Joseph the other days :) It was the biggest concert of Body Slam ^^ There were lots of people (about 65,000 people) So the concert made the big traffic jam around the area. We had to get taxi, walk and ride the bike to get there lol It worth it anyway (*^O^*) The weather was pretty good that day. I thought it must be so hot because of crowd but i was wrong lol The singer is so cool and handsome. His name is Toon. His voice can melt my heart ♥ hehe He is one of my favorite people in Thailand although i am not the rock's fan club. Everyone in Thai knows him and can sing his songs I am sure!!!! He used to be the flight attendant before. He chose to follow his dream and became the famous singer later :) His girlfriend is so so cute too lol I like her so much XD After the concert we went having food near friends' hotel. I reached home about 4 lol Of course I skipped the morning class ^^ And awww I love the fireworks!!!!! Soooo beautiful!!!...

** Thanks for the ticket from Fai (*^-^*) **

/█\/█\♥ ♥ Had a really great time!!!!!!!


Suay's birthday ^^

Today is my friend's birthday (*^O^*) So last night we surprised her with micky mouse cake ^^ Everyone was in pajamas or still in school uniform :P not beautiful pics and faces lol It was so funny last night cuz my friend already slept when we knocked her room and yeah she was really surprised ^^ We all turned to 22 years old this year!! :)) Had a great time and the cake was yummy (*^3^*)


Loy Kratong ❀ Kids'school

Loy Kratong is one of my favorite festivals in Thai and i really like the big full moon ^^ This year the Loy Kratong day is tomorrow but its holiday so yesterday my kids' school had the Loy Kratong festival ^^ We had the Thai dancing together in the morning and made the Kratong later. The kids were so happy and excited to dress up and make their Kratong (*^-^*) I was also happy to be with them ❀


Curry rice :))

Yesterday i went to the shopping mall with Pang after met the dentist ^^ We had Japanese food for dinner!!!(*^O^*) made me missed Japan again. I ate curry rice that i never had it for a really long time!! Really!! I don't like it but yesterday i felt like i wanted to eat lol and won't eat it for a long time again :P It was good and i was so full ^^ Anyway when i was in Japan i never had any curry stuff. My Japanese friends said CURRY is so yummy!!! but no i didn't eat (*^-^*) *** Tomorrow i will get braces on my teeth!!!!! So excited ^^


(O ^ ~ ^ O) Friday ❤ 

Happy Hooray It's Friday !!!!!!! I have no classes today :)) Really I have classes only 3 days a week...Sunday, Monday and Wednesday...^^ Have too much free timeeeee but its GREAT!!!❤❤❤ Maybe I should find something to do and Yeah!!!! Next week i will start my little job with my friend Pang (*^-^*) Can't wait :))


We ❤ Sukishi

Yesterday after finished Japanese class we went to the shopping mall for having Japanese foods :)) Had a great time like always!!!! We ❤ Sukishiiiiii lol