◤Body Slam concert◢

I went to Body Slam's concert with P'Ib and Fai and Joseph the other days :) It was the biggest concert of Body Slam ^^ There were lots of people (about 65,000 people) So the concert made the big traffic jam around the area. We had to get taxi, walk and ride the bike to get there lol It worth it anyway (*^O^*) The weather was pretty good that day. I thought it must be so hot because of crowd but i was wrong lol The singer is so cool and handsome. His name is Toon. His voice can melt my heart ♥ hehe He is one of my favorite people in Thailand although i am not the rock's fan club. Everyone in Thai knows him and can sing his songs I am sure!!!! He used to be the flight attendant before. He chose to follow his dream and became the famous singer later :) His girlfriend is so so cute too lol I like her so much XD After the concert we went having food near friends' hotel. I reached home about 4 lol Of course I skipped the morning class ^^ And awww I love the fireworks!!!!! Soooo beautiful!!!...

** Thanks for the ticket from Fai (*^-^*) **

/█\/█\♥ ♥ Had a really great time!!!!!!!

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