I miss YOU...¸¸.ஐ

ไม่ใช่เธอคนเดียวที่รอฉัน แต่ฉันก็รอเธอเหมือนกัน **waiting
ไม่ใช่ตรงนั้นที่เดียวที่เงียบงัน ตรงนี้ก็เหงาจับใจ **being lonely
ฉันคิดถึงคืนวันเก่าๆ ที่เรามองตาที่เราชิดใกล้ **thinking of the old days
ไม่ใช่เธอคนเดียวที่เหงาใจ ใจฉันก็คิดถึงเธอเหมือนกัน **not only YOU

Me too...¸¸.ஐ

♪●•❀❤ (◕〝◕) I missYOU (◕‿◕✿) ❤❀●•♪


Coming soon..ஐ

✿ My happy time is coming soon (*^-^*) Today is the last Saturday for me to work!!! ^^ aww can't believe 4 months of internship will be going to the end soon. 4 months that i have to work on every Saturday instead of hanging out with friends will pass soon. I'm missing friends and our weekend trips...missing my lovely family...missing bkk and missing everything over there. Hope everyone have a great weekend and have a HAPPY time with your family, your friends and your special person!!!✿✿✿ (O ^ ~ ^ O)  


Let's go to the zoo (*^o^*)

My life lately was not interesting. I has been spending almost whole day doing stuff about my project T^T so boring!!!! The one thing that makes me happy is looking at pictures in my com and writing something on my blog. Anyway we have a good news at office!!! My friend just had a little baby yesterday morning. He is so so cute o(*^-^*)o And... today i am going to write about the ZOO called "Tennochi Zoo" in Koube!! It is the best zoo i have ever gone lol My parents and school took me to the zoo every year when i was little. I didn't really like it cuz i was scared of those animals especially big snakes!!!! But now i like going to the zoo to see many cute animals' show. i love penguins and i really want to see "alpako" I hoped i could see it in Japan but i haven't ever seen it yet >< Back to home my dad tired to make our home like the small zoo!!! He loves animals and he feeds lots of them!! dog, cat, fish, rabbits, birds, hens, fighting cocks and monkey...Sometime when my mom isn't home he lets his lovely cock sleeps in the home with us and watch TV with me. Anyway i have to LOVE them too cuz i LOVE my dad :P I will go back home next month so i will update about my pets later..^^

Here's the pics of beautiful tulips and cute animals


Prison Break ☺

Good morning ^^ I am at office with 2 friends!! Today i will be busy doing my project and i have to go getting some data from the warehouse where i don't want to go o(≧o≦)o I have only 10 days left though!!! I am HAPPY ❤❤❤

Anyway I am crazy in American series "Prison Break" now ☺☻ I spend at least 5 hours a day watching the series although i am busy doing my report lol The plot of story is really great and Wentworth Miller is really cute!!!! He has stolen my heart ❤ (⌒ε⌒*)


Green tea & Me (*^-^*)

Haloooooooo (*^-^*) so boring today!!!!!!>< I came back for internship again...anyway one more week!!!! ^^ Last weekend i went to meet Japanese friend from Chiba (Makochan), see a dentist and hung out with friends ^^ no pics from weekend but had a good time like always ❤❤❤ One of my office friends owns a coffee shop and today he brought me green tea ^^ awww so kind!!! i killed my boring time drinking his green tea and taking pictures lol


I ❤ Osaka

I was looking at the pictures i took at Japan about 5 months ago and i found a few ones i like (*^-^*) I don't know what happen to me lately but i do really miss Osaka. I am in love with little flowers, beautiful sky and fresh air....ஐ ≈ I had a really great time and spent every minute happily ^^ I ❤❤❤❤❤ Osaka



Beautiful roses at Hirakata Park (*^O^*) ❀❀❀ I went there the day before came back to Thai with Bell (Thai friend who studying at Osaka Koudai) The weather was really hot and the roses were going to be gone!! Anyway we could see and snap many beautiful pictures. I did spend much time smelling each colour rose and i was in love with their smell...It's hard to find many roses here in Thai cuz our weather is always hot. I was so excited to see many roses around me lol I guess every girl like flowers and me LOVE flowers so much especially good smell and colorful flowers. Actually i wanted to go there cuz i wanted to ride a big rainbow ferris wheel but it was too hot to have a great time riding it. So we decided to went on a few rides instead. I had a good memory there and missing Osaka!!! (◕‿-) Here's some pics of roses >>>


Missing YOUuuu !!!

I am officially missing Osaka ❤❤❤ missing class time at Osaka Koudai!!!! missing friends who went there together!!! missing adorable Minagawa sensei!!! and missing spending time with all of them (*^-^*) Sooooon I will be back to school life ^^ Happy Hooray Yoohoo <( ̄︶ ̄)/