Let's go to the zoo (*^o^*)

My life lately was not interesting. I has been spending almost whole day doing stuff about my project T^T so boring!!!! The one thing that makes me happy is looking at pictures in my com and writing something on my blog. Anyway we have a good news at office!!! My friend just had a little baby yesterday morning. He is so so cute o(*^-^*)o And... today i am going to write about the ZOO called "Tennochi Zoo" in Koube!! It is the best zoo i have ever gone lol My parents and school took me to the zoo every year when i was little. I didn't really like it cuz i was scared of those animals especially big snakes!!!! But now i like going to the zoo to see many cute animals' show. i love penguins and i really want to see "alpako" I hoped i could see it in Japan but i haven't ever seen it yet >< Back to home my dad tired to make our home like the small zoo!!! He loves animals and he feeds lots of them!! dog, cat, fish, rabbits, birds, hens, fighting cocks and monkey...Sometime when my mom isn't home he lets his lovely cock sleeps in the home with us and watch TV with me. Anyway i have to LOVE them too cuz i LOVE my dad :P I will go back home next month so i will update about my pets later..^^

Here's the pics of beautiful tulips and cute animals

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