Beautiful roses at Hirakata Park (*^O^*) ❀❀❀ I went there the day before came back to Thai with Bell (Thai friend who studying at Osaka Koudai) The weather was really hot and the roses were going to be gone!! Anyway we could see and snap many beautiful pictures. I did spend much time smelling each colour rose and i was in love with their smell...It's hard to find many roses here in Thai cuz our weather is always hot. I was so excited to see many roses around me lol I guess every girl like flowers and me LOVE flowers so much especially good smell and colorful flowers. Actually i wanted to go there cuz i wanted to ride a big rainbow ferris wheel but it was too hot to have a great time riding it. So we decided to went on a few rides instead. I had a good memory there and missing Osaka!!! (◕‿-) Here's some pics of roses >>>


  1. I want to ride the big rainbow ferris wheel too!

  2. beautiful roses with a beautiful girl! yes, i'm talking about... my aho friend!! :p
    miss you!

  3. (*^-^*) it's so beautiful Sara!! xoxo

    yup i am glad to be your (beautiful) AHO friend and i am happy to have AHO friend like you on the face of the planet :P

  4. beautiful pictures! and roses too! there's no roses growing in south france, it's way too warm & dry here. We have brown hay ;) ha ha.

    I specially love the photo with big pale rose!

  5. The roses are fantastic. Good capture. You know down south of Manila, there's this really lovely organic place that serves rose petals as salads. Weird but good. :)


  6. haha Sini so....we both should grow cactus lol

    aww Mice ^^ i wanna try rose petals salad!!It's must be tasty. Also we have fried rose petals in Thai but i never tried it before (*^-^*)

  7. wonderful pictures! makes me wish I was there.