Pottery home ஐ ≈

Goooood morning ^^ Today i am sooooo happy cuz i am alone in office so i can do what i want to do haha!!(*^-^*) Yesterday i finished 2 movies "Perfume and Zombieland" They were ok. Today i am going to do my boring report but no mood now!!! Well, we went to the pottery home called "Ban Khum Viman Din" in Beer's hometown. There are many cute pottery dolls decorate this place and we can make it by ourselves only 40 Bath a person. The ambiance is really nice and beautiful. I ❤ this place and I ❤ my lovely friends!!!

I and Pang (*^0^*) ❤ She is cute in this pic and I miss my sandals again ><

Woohoo!! just jealous!!! She must be so happy with her big big boobs and big big hips (**O**) Kitto closed her face with his fingers and said to me "See!!!! they became yours" haha thanks

Kitto ❤ Pang ❤ Kade ❤ Syunta

My friends enjoyed making their potteries. Pang made a sheep. Beer made something with flowers. Kitto did a penguin. Syunta did a frog. After paint colors he will send them to us by mail. I was lazy and sleepy lol so just took pics and waited for them in the cradle (*^-^*)

I took many pics of pottery dolls. These are some of them!! Horses, Buffalo with little black bird, Mushrooms and Cute girl (O^-^O)

Random pics around the home ❤❤❤ It was raining while my friends were making their potteries and stopped when they finished it. I had a romantic time (alone lol) in the cradle looking and smelling the rain...almost fell asleep ^^


  1. cute potteries especially the girl with the big boobs hihihi. anyway you have a nice blogs :)

    hugs n kisses,

  2. Oh my gosh! This pottery is very lovely. Are you Thai? :)