❤ Okonomiyaki ❤

Okonomiyaki is one of Japanese foods that i like (^_-)-☆ I ❤ takoyaki the most (*^O^*) When i was at japan we had okonomiyaki party with Osaka friends!!! I had a really great time and enjoyed eating!!! The last one that we made was heart shape okonomiyaki...so cute but no one wanted to eat it cuz we were so so full!!!! ❤ I miss Japanese foods, Japanese friends and Japan's places ❤ Can't wait to go there again ❤❤❤ How to cook okonomiyaki!!?? check it out :)

① Mix powder, egg, cabbage, small pieces of ginger and crisp rice in the bowl. Pour the ingredient on the hot flat pan. Make it to be heart with a spade of frying pan. Wait until it becomes little brown and turn it to another side ^^

② Put on brown sauce with small brush lol

③ Put some mayonnaise around it ^^ looks like cake!!!

④ Put some small piece of ginger on the mayonnaise

⑤ Sprinkle dry fish

⑥ Sprinkle dry green seaweed

⑦ Cut it to small pieces

⑧ Ready to eat!!!!!!! (⌒ε⌒*)

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