Beer's home....ஐ

Last weekend we took Japanese friends (Kitto & Syunta) to Beer's hometown where is not far from Bangkok. We went to the 100 years old market, pottery house, and came back to have a little party at home. Beer's mom cooked yakitori for us...so delicious (*^O^*)

I lost my sandals at the pottery house so i bought new ones at the market!!! so shy walking with only one sandal to find new ones Σ( ° △ °|||) i knew that i lost them when we arrived at the market and awwww why there was only one !!!??? maybe it's because i sat next to Beer and there was a big box under the seat so i couldn't put my feet at the normal place. I had to put my legs on the box. I took of sandals and threw them into the car before i got in lol no wonder it must fall from the car. Anyway my new ones are pink and it was cheap (*^-^*) only 90 baht. Kitto also bought the sandals. His are brown. I still miss my old sandals though it means to me a lot...We went to many places together especially Phuket!!! :(

We slept together in aunt's room!! Kitto & Syunta slept in the bed ❤ Beer & I & Pang slept on the floor ❤ My right was Beer!!!! She kept waking me up alllllllllllll night to say Kade!!! do not SNORE!!!! The first time i said Hey!!!! not me!!! cuz we still heard snore voice after i woke up. The other next times i said Hey!!! See I told you before "NOT ME" don't wake me up!!! but she still woke me up :( anyway i won't tell who did snore lol My left was pang!!! She was sick and kept coughing allllllllllll night. I could feel her saliva on my face :( Had a gooooood night and happy to sleep with friends though (*^O^*) <3

Beer family own the pig farm so in the morning we went to see the farm. The little pigs are so cute (¯(∞)¯) Pig's dad and mom are very big!!!!

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