Coming soon..ஐ

✿ My happy time is coming soon (*^-^*) Today is the last Saturday for me to work!!! ^^ aww can't believe 4 months of internship will be going to the end soon. 4 months that i have to work on every Saturday instead of hanging out with friends will pass soon. I'm missing friends and our weekend trips...missing my lovely family...missing bkk and missing everything over there. Hope everyone have a great weekend and have a HAPPY time with your family, your friends and your special person!!!✿✿✿ (O ^ ~ ^ O)  


  1. Congratulations on your last Saturday working. Hope you have a blast the next coming weekends. Thanks for visiting my blog you are so cute!!

  2. OMG!! my face is so weird in the photo!! XD

  3. That's so cool that you have finished soon your internship! What you will have next?

    Happy weekend! :)

  4. Thanks Monique ^^

    You are always weird Kitto!!! itsumo aho!!!haha

    I am so happy Sini ^^ i will have 1 month vacation and will back to school for last semester

  5. Quality time with friends is precious. Internship makes you tougher, though. :P

    i hope you had a nice weekend. Happy Monday!