cherry ✿

Happy Monday!!! I have only 2 more weeks for my internship (*^-^*)✿ I had a nice weekend and felt my weekend is so short cuz i have done many things!!!! I went back to bangkok on Friday and came back yesterday with 2 kg plus on my weight (T^T) I & Pang & Neam & Pink went to school for graduate ceremony on Saturday. After that Pang & Pink went to a movie "Resident Evil: Afterlife 4" I & Neam went to the shopping mall and the weekend market. We slept together in Pang's room on Sat night and just getting ready for going back to internship on Sunday. My camera is fixing at Sony Center now so i don't have any pics for this week ✿✿✿

✿ Today i am only with my boss ^^ He is being busy talking on the phone now :) He went back to his hometown yesterday and brought me some cherries that he grows by himself....so sour >< I didn't know it was cherry anyway!! The first time i saw it at Pottery home and Kitto said "It was a cherry,i could eat it" (**O**) I said "really??? i never ate it before" Finally we tired!!!! the taste was pretty good ^^ I never thought we have cherry in Thai lol

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