I am back ~*

I am back from holiday !!! that means I needed to leave my sweet home, my lovely family and my cute pets again o(≧o≦)o The first day of work was so busy and I am still sick (T _ T) Rin called me in the morning but I haven't answered his call yet...I didn't feel like picking up my phone and just wanna stay with myself for a while ❤

Life must go on.....☺ ☻


❀ Satit PSU ❀

My high school "Demonstration School Prince of Songkla University" (O ^ ~ ^ O) where I studied 7 years ago !! Everything has not changed but lots of dogies ever ❀ 

Happy mother's day (*^ _ ^*)

Thank you for loving me forever ❤ I love you very much ❤ Happy mother's day (*^ _ ^*)


Rin ❤ Job

I have been home for 5 days already (*^ _ ^*) No other places make me HAPPY like my own home really ❤ The good news lately is Rin has just got the job in Bangkok !! His job will start in a week !! I am happy for him and his beautiful future although we won't have so much time together (>__<)

I miss him already (⌒ε⌒*)

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao ☆

This is the famous holy place in Pattani : 3 Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao is Chinese girl who was born 400-500 years ago. She took the junk from China to Pattani in order to ask his brother to go back to be with their mother. But actually his brother already got married with Muslim girl and changed to be Muslim so he couldn't go back with her. Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao was so sad to here that. She used the rope to suicide under the cashew nut tree. His brother buried her body outskirts. Many people respected her and asked for good luck....every bad thing turned to be good ☺ So Pattani people took the tree that she killed herself to carve and built this holy place (*^ _ ^*)

I haven't seen the wood statue yet because it already closed when I reached there (>____<) I will go and pay respect to her again before I go back to Ayuttaya though ❤

Local tea ☻

We ended up yesterday at the local tea shop near my high school (*^ _ ^*) After having a really long day, i am sick already (>___<) probably because of the bad weather...so hot in the afternoon and raining in the evening !!☻ It's kinda scary to sit around there at night so we haven't spent so much time lol The milk tea was nice and the fish snack was yummy. That snack is famous in my hometown and hard to find at other provinces really : D


Bunny ☺

Today i spent a few hours messing up with the cute bunny ☺ Last year we had 4 bunnies but today we have only one !! She was just naughty and run away from me (>___<) Finally i got her and snapped some photos,,,,just the little happiness from today ❤ xoxo


Bubble Pop (o^.^o)

I am homeeeee ✿

Honda gives me 10 days holiday so I came back home to be with my lovely family for 7 days (*^-^*)❤ My hometown is called Pattani, located in the south of Thailand. I took the 1 hr 20 mins flight from Bangkok to Hadyai and then my mom drove to pick me up ✿ My little cute dogie is growing big now !!! He is more handsome than I think and not naughty like before : D Today I just stay home alone, waiting for my mom,dad and bro come back to have dinner out together : ) The weather is bright and sunny here !! Happy Monday ☀☂


The z☺☺

Hello (*^-^*) The other days I went to the zoo with 2 friends !! This zoo is in Supanburi province : ) not far from Ayuttaya where I live. I love animals and this zoo is really nice :3 We went there without any plans, just went out for lunch and I said "Let's go to Supanburi" because I have never been there before. So that was my first time and I like this province ❤ There are lots of interesting and beautiful places over there!! I will go there again and show you guys more photos,promise (*^3^*)