Curry rice :))

Yesterday i went to the shopping mall with Pang after met the dentist ^^ We had Japanese food for dinner!!!(*^O^*) made me missed Japan again. I ate curry rice that i never had it for a really long time!! Really!! I don't like it but yesterday i felt like i wanted to eat lol and won't eat it for a long time again :P It was good and i was so full ^^ Anyway when i was in Japan i never had any curry stuff. My Japanese friends said CURRY is so yummy!!! but no i didn't eat (*^-^*) *** Tomorrow i will get braces on my teeth!!!!! So excited ^^


  1. You better eat whatever you can. My friend had braces and could barely eat for days. It was too painful, she said. I'm sad I'm missing Loy Krathong this year. Will you take photos, please? :)

  2. Awwww I hope i won't be too bad :(( I am looking forward to Loy Kratong festival too ^^ Of course i will take many pics for you Mice :))