(O ^ ~ ^ O) Friday ❤ 

Happy Hooray It's Friday !!!!!!! I have no classes today :)) Really I have classes only 3 days a week...Sunday, Monday and Wednesday...^^ Have too much free timeeeee but its GREAT!!!❤❤❤ Maybe I should find something to do and Yeah!!!! Next week i will start my little job with my friend Pang (*^-^*) Can't wait :))


  1. oh i know, really cute dog huh!! are u really from thailand? i have visited there before! some hookers spanked me in the butt haha

  2. haha so crazy!! and yeah i am Thai :)) There are many good girls who won't spank your butt ;))

  3. cuteeest glasses! You look prettier than the teddy (wow! How do you do that? haha)