Paint Ball (^_-)-☆

We work up so early in the morning and got ready to go paint ball. It was sooooo hot that day and we ran in the field about 20 mins per match. It was super fun although i got bruise from the game LOL It makes me laugh when i see my pics which i was behind the rubbers!! I just wonder why they didn't take the pics when i was shooting enemies, when i was running or when i was being brave!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)~* Anyways my team won yay!! XD I was so happy!!! HAHA


  1. Kade!!! This is something I've never done in my life! I should do this it looks soooo much fun :)

  2. Mice!!! ^^ It is super FUN!!! You come to Thai and we go paint ball together okay??? XD