Rin :3

Just the pictures of my lovely friend from Skype call. I snapped his pics and he doesn't even know that ✿ He is my really old friend (◕〝◕) Can't believe we have known each other since we were only 7 years old : ) studied at the same school in my hometown for 6 years, studied at the different school for 6 years and studied at the different university in Bangkok for 4 years : ) Can't believe we haven't seen each other over 10 years. Can't believe we haven't been talking over 15 years....but now he became the special part of my life ✿ (v_v) I have tons of words to talk about him but that is not important right now !!!! The important things are......he always makes me smile (*^-^*) and I am really HAPPY to have him in my life ❤

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