Paradise ❤

Hello (*^-^*) This Saturday was pretty nice. The weather was not so hot. I woke up early in the morning to have breakfast and go shopping with Beer.Then I went to The Paradise Park to meet Pang ❤ We ate raspberry, passion fruit ice cream and chocolate doughnut. I wanted a watch so We were looking the watches and have found the one I like :D Pang helped me choose the nice one too :D Anyways I had no money to buy it lol I will ask my daddy to buy me for Chinese qing ming festival though ❤ My daddy is sooooo kind and I love him so so so much!!!! (o^.^o) I really want to go back home for qing ming on 5th April but I have to be in Bangkok for some reason :( I hope my grandparents won't forget about me, hope they are doing good and hope they are happy every day on the heaven ;)

Happy weekend to everyone ❤

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