Toyota Museum ^^

The Toyota Automobile Museum was established to commemorate the history of the automobile and is dedicated to building a prosperous future for man and motorcar. Here is one of my favorite places in Aichi, Japan :D We has already studied so much about Toyota and its production system but i have never visited Toyota factory in Thai. This time we got a chance to visit both Toyota factory and Toyota museum :D It is really great Japanese company (*^-^*) We couldn't take any photos in the factory. Their factory is so cool though!!!! i do love robots and many stuff there ^^ The one thing that really different from Thai's factories is "the workers" Japanese are cute, strong, polite and nice!!! The workers in Thai are in the opposite way for sure T^T really scary and be imported from neighbor countries so most of them can't speak Thai well >w< Anyways i got many photos from the museum!! And i would have to say that it is the best museum i have ever seen ☺ ☻

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