Osu kanon temple ☺

Osu kanon temple is a popular temple in central Nagoya (*^-^*) It's the only one temple where i visited this time and it's the one of classic temples in Japan. I don't know about the history though. I like the girl and boy statue in front of the temple :) They are cute and make me feel warm when i see them lol The one thing that made me happy is the group of little kids in yellow hats. They were talking to us for a while and let my friends borrow their hats to take photos ^^


  1. Hi Kade, are you still in Japan? Hope everything is alright :) Your pics are so nice, and I loved your prom dress, so pretty!

  2. Sini :) I am already back to Thai now :) I was so scared and excited lol but everything was ok!! Thank you so much >3<"