i ❤ Asahi

We visited Asahi factory in Nagoya. It became my favorite factory right now. I have never seen the beautiful and natural factory like this before. There are tons of Brewing towers. Each tower will become about million cans of beer. After looking around the factory we went to the tasting bar. I drank orange juice, apple juice and little beer. When we was watching advertisement on DVD i felt like i would faint and i barely could stand. But when i told my friends they said it was an earthquake!!!!!! We looked around the room and saw everything shaking!!!! I was not scared really lol still played and joked with friends lol It was my first time to be in that situation though. My parents called me to make sure that I still can swim lol my little brother asked after he saw my photos on facebook that why i still could eat Sushii while tsunami happened lol And lots of friends in Thai posted on my facebook to ask. I didn't think it's so serious like now ><" I didn't understand the news on TV and didn't care to follow any news just because i thought it was not serious!!! But finally can't believe everything became so scary right now o(╥﹏╥)o really sorry for Japanese people. Anyways i am glad that all of my friends over there are safe!!❤ Hope everything will be OK soon!! I don't want to see people die and don't want anything bad happen in Japan anymore!!! o(≧o≦)o

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