Amphawa ✿ Home stay

Hello \(*^-^*)/ I and my friends went to Amphawa on vocation (*^O^*)♫ ♬ ♪ Amphawa is one of interesting places in Thailand. We have never been there before although It’s not far from Bangkok (only 1 hr by car).We stayed at the lovely home stay for 2 days and 1 night.The room was good with a little balcony where we could sit chilling, see beautiful river and breath fresh air.◕‿-。 ☀☂☁ I was so excited to see the old life style of Thai people who live along the river and I really wanted to see Bangkung temple that is one of Unseen Thailand places…and WOW it’s soooo beautiful and amazing. I had a really nice trip and want to go there again!!✿ Fall in love with Amphawa and love you all friends (*^3^*)❤❤❤

✿✿✿ Jiji & Bee & I & Neam ✿✿✿

✿ It wasn't so much clean water but many people like playing in the river ✿ Me too (*^-^*) wanna cannonball from balcony!!!!

Jiji was chatting with boys on phone (*^O^*)!!!! He was sleeping next to me ✿✿✿

✿ I & Beer ✿ relaxing in bed and talking about something that i can't remember ^^ Her legs were warm and soft lol

Neam was sleeping in bed ✿✿✿ Bee was getting ready to go out

✿ Bee & Jiji ✿

The evening river view from a balcony ✿

Sawasdee (*^-^*) little baked clay girl and boy in front of our home stay ✿

We went there by Beer's new car ✿ She drove so fast !!! We were so excited lol

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  1. いいね!
    Looks like fun ^^ I am glad you had a good time Teerak *^_^*