☃✲ Ninja ✲☃

✿♥ Hiiiiii ^^ Yesterday I and friend went to play with 2 boys at the cafeteria.The big boy is James and the little boy is Jome.We played until maybe 8.30 pm ♫ ♬ ♪ lose so much energy ^^ yay!!! I was so tired and slept well last night.They wanted to be ninja lol and did a lot of fight..haha..It was fun to watch little kids fought.We were so happy and realised that we became aunties o(≧o≦)o Saturday!!!!!I am at work with only another friend.He is being serious about some report lol and i am writing my blog ^^ I am not going to go back to Bangkok this weekend (It's my first time to stay here on weekend) and I don't know what will I do...o(‧'''‧)o maybe stay at room..wash cloths..chat with friends..watch TV..so boring Σ( ° △ °|||) Hopefully I can get the way to go to a department store..see a movie and eat ice cream ^^

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