Thai okashi o(*^-^*)o

Super full today !!!! ❤ I ate Sukiyaki for dinner and played with kids until got tired then I went back to my room ^^ took a nap about 30 mins (◡‿◡✿) woke up and ate again!!!!That was dragonfruit, yogurt and Thai okashi which my roommate bought for me !!!! Thanks (⌒ε⌒*) yummy and so cheap...only 10 baht for 5 pieces ^^ The weather is pretty good now....I am sitting outside with Bella ♡ (O ^ ~ ^ O) watching TV and writing my blog....night breeze makes me think of my family and sweetie ❤❤❤ I am looking forward to going back to Bangkok tomorrow though. I am going to meet school friends and hang out with a friend who has just come back from Russia!!!! Good night & Sweet dreams everyone ( ̄ε(# ̄) chu!!!

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  1. 面白いそう! ^^ 食べたい!!

    I was thinking of my sweetie too ❤❤❤