Happy Birthday ❤❤❤

Hello ^^ It's so late at night!!!! I don't want to sleep (**O**) Tomorrow I have to present my project again...but now my voice is so bad !!! Everyone whom I talked with asked "what happen???!!!" maybe because i talked so much lol I went back to Bangkok on Saturday and had hair cut because it was so long and annoyed me when I slept ^^ I cut it off about 8 cm...I felt sad though (≧0≦) After that I went to have dinner with friends. awww I missed them so much!!!! It was long time I didn't see them (about 2 weeks) so we had many things to talk ^^ While we were talking one of waiters brought cake with candles to us and a singer sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG"...Ohhhh my friends surprised me...Thanks a lot!!!!»-(¯`v´¯)-» I was so happy!!!! They gave me sweet cake for birthday like every year before.But This year the cake was so colorful and oishisou ^^ My Birthday is on 20th July...I will be 22 years old soon!!!^^ glad and sad in the same time (◕‿◕✿) That day I will be at work so I was so sad and thought I must be lonely..no family..no friends..no cake..no party.. (TT^TT) But I had really good time this weekend!!! Cake was yummy. The restaurant was nice. My friends were so cute 。◕‿◕。 Thanks for being my lovely and good friends...I am so happy to be with you..happy to know you...happy to spend time with you...happy to talk to you...happy to do many things together...happy to be your friend ^^ and you know???? ❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVE you sooooo much ❤ ❤ ❤

Me!!!! I was praying for something lol I really like this pic ✿ Thanks Neam!!

I can't remember what Pink ate..white cream with strawberry ✿ I ate strawberry yogurt cake ✿ Neam ate chocolate cake

✿✿✿ Hooray \(*^-^*)/ Neam & Pang & Chin & Beer ✿✿✿

Kissssssssss (*^3^*) ✿ finally she ate my strawberry!!!!!!!!!!

✿✿✿ Colorful cake ✿✿✿ I am hungry now lol

Thanks so much!!!! I am glad to be your friend ✿✿✿ love you ✿✿✿

There were a lot of people there because it was Saturday!!! The songs were so nice ^^ The singers were cute ✿ and I wanted to play in swimming pool lol


  1. It looks like you have a great time Kade, you have some very nice friends, what a great surprise, that cake looks so yum!! I love that place where you eat too, it looks so cool. Mmmm, I want to gooooo! haha. Have a nice birthday next week & I hope your project goes good. Take care :))

  2. すごい!本当にきれい^^
    ケードの友だちはやさしいね。。いいね :)

  3. Brian...I wanna see u in the party on saturday
    everyone is so funny
    and cake very yummy!!i
    when you go thailand
    we're going to chill out together ne!!!
    i will wait you at here
    miss u so much

  4. @kade...I don't forget party in lastnight
    onemoretry going to chill out together

  5. oh happy birthday Kade :) All the goodies for ya ;) take care!

  6. Thank you (*^-^*) Tony, Brian, Pang and Cristine ^^

  7. ขอแสดงความยินดี ใน วันเกิด ครับ(*^^*)
    สวย จังเลย!!
    ขอให้ มี ความสุข มากๆ นะ ครับ^^

  8. ohhhhh ken!!!!(*^-^*) Your Thai is very good ^^ haha