Syunchan (◕〝◕)

Syunchan (◕〝◕) I write this blog because I was looking at Japan pics and saw many of his pics in my camera. Another reason is my friend (Pang)!!! She likes him so much and still misses him although we left Japan about 2 months ^^ I think She is being crazy now lol She never told him about her feeling!!! I want to tell him but of course Pang didn’t want me to tell!!! When will he know Pang!!!!!???? I know Syun won’t read my blog but I still want to write it ❤ Pang likes you and misses you so much Syun!!!! She wants to talk to you every day and waiting for your email every night. She screamed and jumped on the bed when you called to her. She often talks about you to me. She printed your pic on her new ATM card. She is crazy because of you lol That’s all ❤ I already told him for you Pang..haha.. <( ̄︶ ̄)/Osekkai desyo???

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