★* My sexy friend *★

It's so sunny today in Thai ☀☂☁ I came to work late about 15 mins ^^ didn't dare to come into the room lol but friends (Who are 30 years old up) smiled to me like everyday...made me happy..haha ♡ (O ^ ~ ^ O).My friend was mad at me yesterday because i didn't answer his many calls and didn't call him back.He just pretended to be mad i think ^^ so i am going to call to him this afternoon *.:。✿ He is my lovely and sexy friend.We talk to each other everyday but a few days ago he called to me after 11 pm (It's free) that i already slept ^^and called at 7 am that i was in shower.I chatted with him on MSN last night.He told me how much he was sad and mad lol I tried to change a topic..haha..finally we talked about Pang ◕‿- Bee!!!!! love you (*^3^*)!!! 

At Pang's room with another sexy friend behind him <( ̄︶ ̄)/ Jijii ❤

He was dancing <º))))><

He came to pick me up at the airport and said Ohhhh my godddd why i was so chubby <("""O""")>!!!!

Bee was sleeping in the taxi o(≧v≦)o He wanted to have a long nose..lol

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