Project Presentation ஐ ≈

Hello (*^-^*) ✿ It’s so sunny today in Thai ☀☂☁ I am in bed now >< I went to office in the morning and came back to sleep in the afternoon. I felt little sick and I couldn’t sleep good last night because I was coughing all night. My voice is better but still not good. My roommates asked “Am I lady boy???” huhuhu ( ̄▽ ̄)~* I went to the big office to present my project yesterday. Everyone said my voice was so funny lol We spent about 4 hours in the meeting room. I wanted to laugh when everyone looked at me and concentrated what I said ^^ After that I played with a girl, took pics, drank cold cocoa and slept (◡‿◡✿) We arrived at Lopburi about 9 last night…I was so tired!!! (/≧▽≦/)


  1. kade no oshiri chotto mieru yo ^^ kawaii jyan! (^3^)

  2. Brian (**O**)!!! urusai!!! iyarashiiii yo!!! huhu