Amphawa ✿ Bangkung Temple

❀ Bangkung temple is one of Unseen Thailand places. It's so famous because this temple is covered by 4 big trees (Pho,Sai,Grai and Grang) (*^-^*) I saw it on internet before went to Amphawa and really wanted to see it in person!!! and WOW It's sooooooooo awesome and amazing. There is the beautiful big Buddha statue called "Nilmanee" there. The air in the temple is so fresh and cool ஐ ≈

❀ There is a little zoo there (*^O^*)!!! We can buy morning glory and give to every animals lol ❀

❀ In the past this temple was a big camp for fighting with enemies. There are Thai style fighting (Muaythai) statues near the temple.ஐ ≈

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