Back in Bangkok :)

Hey!!!! (O ^ ~ ^ O) I am already back in Bangkok. The planes was delayed about 1 hr :( Anyway i made it safe ^^ Yesterday after reached here i and Neam headed to the dental clinic for doing my wisdom teeth...o(≧v≦)o The dentist was nice to me like always but the surgery method was really scary..that made me cried a lot!!>< She spent about 1 more hour plucking one tooth..Really i was going to do all wisdom teeth but....it was too scary for me. My wisdom teeth are so weird though :( She said i would get so much pain today but everything was not bad like i thought :):):) Today was my first day to school. So i woke up early and went to school ^^ After that i went to the shopping mall with Beer and Bee <( ̄︶ ̄)/ All i could eat there is ice creammmmm ^^ didn't have to chew lol We ordered the same menu that was "Golden Basket" Bee and Beer didn't eat cherry so all were mine :P not good taste though. I enjoyed eating it and had a great time with lovely friends (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Chu!!!!


  1. mmm this looks yummie! All the pictures are simply adorable!!!


  2. That ice cream looks yum! Get well soon with your tooth extraction ...or surgery...whatever that is :)

  3. uuh I don't like going for dentist at all! I hope it's not painful anymore. That ice cream looks delicious, i want one so badly now (it's only 9am haha) :)

  4. Thanks Lily it was so yummy :):):)

    I have to do it again soon Mice!!!! :( help meeee

    Haha so early Siniiiiii ^^ and yeah!!! i don't like dental clinic ><