Siam (^_-)-☆

Hello (*^O^*) Today i woke up at 10 and spent whole morning watching the American series in bed ^^ I slept at Pang's room last night and tonight too!! So lazy today but I had an appointment with the dentist. I was really scared of pulling my adult teeth of. They are so strong and have a deep roots so it must hurt me so badly ( ̄﹏ ̄)~* Anyway I and Pang went to the shopping malls around Siam in the afternoon. The weather was pretty good so we went out from the cold malls to take many pics outside. I had a really great time with my best friend today (^_-)-☆

I love this colorful board. Are Thai's alphabets adorable?? (O ^ ~ ^ O)  

Brad Pitt's wax figure. It looks like real Brad Pitt!! So handsome ☺☻

The fountain in front of the biggest shopping mall in Thai (Siam Paragon) ^^ We had to wait till the water spouted highly to get a nice pic. We asked a tourist to take our pic with the fountain but awww he took it when the water didn't come out ( ̄▽ ̄)~* hehe Anyway we have the nice pics from this spot.

I and Pang had Korean food at Sukishi for dinner. It is one of my favorite restaurants. Not many pics of foods cuz we were soooooooo hungry lol

The last i went to Siam Dental Clinic for the appointment and pulled 2 teeth of today. I was really scared since I have not pulled my teeth for a long time!!!! It was going well though...took only short time and not scary like i thought^^ I got my teeth back to home. Their roots are so so long. I like this clinic cuz the dentist was so nice. She talked to me like I am a little girl so I didn't cry ^^ Only did a little scream lol I had to keep cotton in my mouth about 2-3 hrs after pulled them of. I hate seeing blood >< and I just took the cotton out, took a medicine and grabbed a mirror to see my gum. There are small holes...looks funny ^^ but i like using my tongue playing in those holes lol I am hungry now but i don't want anything go into my holes so i won't eat....T^T Anyway I got a pillow from this clinic since i am a member ^^ It is so cute but i want the doll!!!! They said they had only 200 dolls..if i finish doing my teeth early, i will get one \(*^O^*)/ so.....I will do my best to get it (^_-)-☆ haha


  1. Wow, you're a trooper. I have never removed any teeth. That food looks delicious by the way. That's awesome they give away pillows and dolls at the clinic.

  2. oh wow, you did do really good at the dentist! I'm so scared of it, that I need some relaxing medicines when I go! Once they took 4 wisdom tooths at same time, luckily I got heavy medicines to make me half sleep ;)

  3. Lazy days in bed are the best! I'm being bad today and staying in bed watching Real Housewives of DC back to back! Perfect guilty pleasure :-)