Hooray!!! (*^O^*)

Hooray!!! (*^O^*) ✿ I already came back from internship!!! I moved back to Bangkok so I had to clean my dirty room where I have left for 4 months. While I was cleaning my room I had found many things I didn't think they are still at my room lol and I had found this present from Japanese friends. The yellow Pikaju is so cute ^^ Those messages make me think of Osaka and lovely friends (*^-^*)and.....I want to blow that flower again ✿✿✿

✿ Hope everyone has a great weekend (*^3^*) ✿


  1. ohh is this like a memory board? A lot of people writing wishes for you? It's lovely!! And the Pikachu is so cute! You sure have some wonderful friends!

  2. Yes Lily it's a memory board writing about their feeling to me (*^-^*) They are so sweet <3