εїз Today i woke up later than ever cuz i had many dreams. I got up and didn't see anyone. They all went out for work and school. So i spent my time playing with my little bunny. Really i wanted to take some pics with the chicken but awww they ran so fast and i couldn't catch them o(≧v≦)o I have been chasing them till got so much sweat lol The weather is hot today. I went picking my bro up at his school by motor bike lol I made it safe and also have to do this mission tomorrow and maybe everyday before go back to study (^_-)-☆


  1. You've had quite an adventure chasing chicken today, lol! Sounded like lots of fun!
    You and your bunny are both sweethearts!

  2. The new outfit of your blog looks nice! and you have so cute bunny :D I love bunnies. You need to catch one chicken too, and take pictures.please please please! chickens are so cute :)

  3. Haha it was fun...Thanks Lily :)

    Thanks Sini!! Happy to hear from you ^^ I am glad you are ok and everything goes well :) i will try to catch one chicken!!!!(*^O^*)<3

  4. Hello Kade. Your bunny has amazing eyes and is so cute and fluffy.
    PS Thanks for visiting my blog.