Hot Great Day ♪ ♬

The other day my Japanese friend (Kazusan^^)❤ came to Thai to see his beautiful girlfriend. I and him have been being friends about one more year..Thanks for Tokyo Banana!! Oishikatta YO. I and Bee showed him around. We went to two nice spots for seeing different Bangkok view. The first place was one of famous temples "Wat Aroon" Yeah!! We reached there safely by Tuk Tuk and boat (^_-)-☆

We spent the whole morning walking around and climbing up to the top of the temple. It was fun when getting up the stairs. But when we supposed to get down...just looked down my legs were shaking. The stairs were so steep lol Anyway the first view is really nice ^^

The weather was really hot like ever lol We stopped by the little coffee shop in the temple area (O ^ ~ ^ O) Just cooling down and getting ready to go to another place!! 

The second one we went to the tallest building in Bangkok "Baiyok Tower" for seeing city view. Had a great time with my sexy friend and Kazusan <( ̄︶ ̄)/ I love YOU!!! Thailand ❤❤❤


  1. Wow! That temple is amazing.

    I love your new blog design.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Kade, these pictures are so nice! The whole place looks amazing, I wish I can travel there someday :)