The great morning ❤

Awww i miss my blog (*^-^*) i didn't update anything for a while cuz my friend took my cam's USB back to her home!! I just got it tonight so i can't wait to write and post something ^^ Well, a few days ago we went meeting Takechan at the airport. He came to transit the plane to Nepal soooo early in the morning (4 am) yeah!!! I have had a really early breakfast ever (^_-)-☆ I and Takechan knew each other on internet. We have ever met before at Japan. He is a good guy and he became my close friend's sweetheart now ❤ Neam was so excited to meet him cuz it was their first time. She was ready to go and came knocking Pang's room!! I and Pang woke up and awwwww we forgot to set alarm clock lol so just took shower 5 mins and went to the airport with the wet hair lol blew it with taxi's air ^^

He really likes beer and often goes for drink with friends ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ That what Neam complain lol He can drink beer every time i think. He said he have been drinking free beer on the plane for about 5 hrs lol This is the famous beer in Thai "Singha" and yeah it was served with his breakfast ( ̄▽ ̄)~*

And for girls we drank green tea and cocoa ❤ (O ^ ~ ^ O) Neam didn't eat anything. I had teriyaki chicken and Pang had baked chicken for breakfast. We ate a lot although it was so early for breakfast. Takechan bought many chips and chocolates for us. Thanks you!!!

We spent about 5 hrs at the airport ^^ I and Pang walked away to let they were together ❤ See!!! We are good friends (⌒ε⌒*) haha Nothing much to do so we just snapped the pics with beautiful flowers around there. Feel like we were at the park with my floral dress and Pang's floral skirt ✿✿✿

We had a great morning and have done many things instead of sleeping in bed <( ̄︶ ̄)/ Anyway we came back to home and took a long nap later :P


  1. INternet love? Wow! That is awesome :) I love airports it always takes me away to something exciting and then brings me back home :) I hope you're doing well, K!

  2. haha yess its internet love <333 I love the airports too and i like travelling by planes ^^