☻ Doctor Day ☺

Hello (*^O^*) It was time to get another tooth of again ( ̄﹏ ̄) So i went to the dental clinic at Siam and spent time with the dentist!! She was really nice to me that kept saying "i am good girl. i am good girl. it wouldn't hurt" that made me feel good ❤ It was going well anyway ^^ After that we just looked around for cute stuff and i got little ribbon ring (O ^ ~ ^ O) Then we took Beer to the skin hospital. She goes there about 1 or 2 times a month cuz she need some medicine. I was so surprised when she told that she is allergic to rice, been and pollen lol We are Thai so we have rice for every meal and of course she always eats a lot ^^ So that day we spent all day at the clinic and hospital. Had a nice day and here's some pics that i was painting them in the class today (^_-)-☆ It's my turn to do a presentation soon!!! Good luck to me and everyone :P

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