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I rarely go to the temples in Bangkok although they are famous and beautiful ❀☂ Last time I went there with Japanese friends from Chiba. It was s☀☀☀☀ hot and crowded. My friends got so much sweat and red skin. Anyway lately I got a chance to go there and I really love them (*^-^*) The weather was pretty good with little rain...and heavy rain later ஐ I had a good time though!!! ❥

The big Buddha statue at Wat Po ஐ I tried many times to take all of his body's pic but these are the best ones lol If you see his head you won't see his feet and if you can see his body and feet you will miss some part of his head!!! ^^

ஐ Wat Prakaew is the most famous temple in Thai. Many tourists come here every day!! Everything is perfectly beautiful. I love the mural that painted about Ramayana literature.

I also went to see a few temples in Phuket. We rode a scooter up to the highest hill to see the big Buddha. It was my first time to ride scooter around Phuket though!!! so excited!!! The temples are around with trees, mountains and rivers...good weather and nice natural view ஐ......

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