❤ FOOD's day ❤

Sunday we hung out with Tanakasan who is a teacher since Japanese friends had to attend school program ^^ We ate ate ate and ate!!! lol We went to JJ market (weekend market) for shopping. I bought a dress and shorts. Beer also bought a dress. Pang too. Tanakasan bought shirts and some souvenirs (*^-^*) ❤ and like i said we ate a lot!!!! Here's some of foods and desserts ❤ yummy!!

Coconut ice cream & Yogurt ice cream & Chinese vegetable jelly black ❤❤❤

❤ We had Thai northeast foods for lunch ^^ My favorite one is pork rip with lemongrass. Enjoy eating and got much more energy for shopping (^_-)-☆ We arrived there about 10 am so there were not so much people and the weather was not so hot...Thats nice ^^

We went to Wat Po to get some Thai massage and saw the big Buddha Statue after shopping..YO!!! I could take a new pic of statue that can see all of it ^^ Wat Po's massage is very famous. It was my first time to have a massage there though. I was excited lol Unfortunately my doctor is tom boy so chotto kowaiiiii. She was kind but huhuhu...i didn't know she massaged or tried to kill me..soooooooooo hurt!!!!!! I supposed to sleep but i couldn't >< All i wanted to do was scream!!!! The tourist who lay next to me was so funny and crazy!!! He made weird sound like ohhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh or sth like he was watching porn movie!!!awww His doctor kept asking "You okay You okay??" and he siad "ohh umm umm" i and my doctor laughed a lot haha...anyways the 1 hr passed so slow...I am glad that i am still alive!! lucky me ❤ \(*^O^*)/

Dinner time @ Sizzler ❤❤❤ Sizzler is my favorite steak restaurant so i was happy after got so much pain from massage!!^^ there are various foods, salads, soups, fruits, drinks and desserts (*^-^*) I had 2 pieces of cheese bread, salad, cream mushroom & tom yum soups, chicken bbq spicy steak, watermelon, red jelly and chocolate cream!! awwww i ate lots!!!!!


  1. the all ice creams look so nice kadeee! :9 i wana try the coconut one!!! X9
    I ♥ ice cream ^^

  2. It's yummy Cristineeeee!!! (*^-^*) You should come to Thai!!! Hurry <3

  3. How much did you eat Kade! wooooooooow! ^^

  4. i always eat lots Tony ^^ maybe i should play football like you lol