fish massage <º))))><.

Hello (*^-^*) I am at work now ✿ soooooo tired last weekend but had a nice time with friends <( ̄︶ ̄)/ My Japanese friends came to Thai for vacation. I headed to meet them at Lumpini Night Market after work!! We went shopping and walking around...Kitto and i were tired from walking around so we escaped from other friends to have fish massage lol ✿ That was our first time though!!^^It tickled us and we both laughed a lot lol tanoshikatta!!! It felt good and made us sleepy..We talked and yawned and talked and yawned lol

Kittokung (*^-^*) He was playing with fish lol Almost fish liked him and ignored me >< or maybe my legs are not delicious awww!!!

It's called "Gala" fish..They told me it is Turkey's fish ✿ ✿ ✿

✿ I like this pic ^^ Thanks.... maybe Pang or Blue or Tanakasan for taking this pic for me ✿ and thanks Kitto for free fish massage!!haha

We enjoyed it about 20 mins for 150 Baht/person..feet and legs and also hands lol awww our face look so tired >< I was really tired though. I finished worked at 5, took about 2 hrs in the car, took about 1 hr to go meet them and i didn't eat anything all day. Kitto just arrived Thai in that evening so i guess he must be tired too!!anyway i was happy ✿ and missed Japan so much!!!

After that we went to have dinner cuz i was hungry. thanks Kitto for his kindness that he told me he was also hungry!!! He already ate before we met though!! We ordered the foods with Shrimp & Shell & Squid. I drank Mango Smootie ✿ Kitto drank Green apple smootie!!^^ enjoy eating cuz it was free again lol arigatou!!!!!!

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