Island!!!! o(*^-^*)o

I had a really great time there (O ^ ~ ^ O) snorkeling, swimming and chilling..The weather was pretty good in that day. It was going to be rain but no ^^ btw i got so tan!!! got wound from stones!!! and got rash from jellyfish!!! and.................luv Phuket ❥

❥ Kai island!! so beautiful and the water is clear. Here is my footprint ^^ I took it after got tired and hurt from snorkeling... Everyone was enjoy snorkeling though!!!

In the speed boat ❥ I was the only one tourist who is Thai ^^ He drove so fast like crazy!!!!!! I wanted to throw up lol

The monkey island ^^ There are many monkeys live there..The tourists can just give them bananas..can't hug or hold or kiss or touch them!!

The tourists gave some bread to fish..Someone tried to catch them...Someone tried to touch them...But i only tried to take pics of them after they were the cause that made me crashed the stone!!!hehe ( ̄▽ ̄)~*

On the beach & my watermelon ❥ I don't know why the weather seems nice in the pic but it was really hot!!!! btw the watermelon was sweet ^^

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